Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No amazing deals recently. I need to organize my coupons and get to CVS this week though, I have tons of expiring ECBs! We've actually spent quite a bit of money this week, but most of it was a 'need', only a fraction of it was a 'want'.

We purchased a new mattress and boxspring. We desperately needed a new set. Our current one is old, springy and has a huge dip in the center. My husband has a bad back and the last thing we need is a crappy mattress making him even more uncomfortable. That mattress was expensive!

We also bought a beautiful sleigh bed and dresser. They were cheaper than the mattress! We've upgraded from a queen to a king, I hope our little bedroom can handle it! It's all being delivered tomorrow.

I spent awhile searching the internet for deals on king size bed sets. I couldn't find anything decent for under $100.00, so I gave up my online search. After work I met the husband for dinner (his lunch hour) and we ran into Burlington Coat Factory.

Now I absolutely hate this store. Every single time we've gone in there we've had terrible customer service and checking out was a hassle. Plus their lack of a return policy is bs if you ask me. But it was the only store right there that we had time to run into. I'm glad we did.

I found a nice king size bed set for $39.99! A comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, bed skirt, pillow cases, pillow shams, etc. I was thrilled. Then we checked out and it rang up $20.99!!! Even better! So that is my only exciting deal recently. Hopefully I'll have something better soon. :)

EDIT: Still hate Burlington. We had to return the set, because when we got home it was missing several pieces! Blargh.

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