Monday, July 14, 2008

I finally felt like going out and seeing what deals I could get. Started off great, but boy did I come home ticked off!

First stop was Rite Aid, this was all they had left in stock. :(

Electrasol Powerballs - $2.99/ea. x 2
Axe Deodorant - $3.99
Neutra Air Freshener - $2.90/ea. x 2

Subtotal: $15.95

- $2.99 Neutra Air Freshener Rite Aid Coupon (B1G1F)
- $2.25 Electrasol Coupon
- $2.25 Electrasol Coupon
- $2.99 Neutra Air Free Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon

New Subtotal: $5.47

Would have been much cheaper had the husband not needed the Axe. We'll also get back $4.00 in Single Check Rebates. So technically we spent $1.47. :)

Next stop was Publix. I had a bunch of free coupons I wanted to use and some store coupons. However the cashier was a pain and the manager wasn't helpful and they refused to accept store and manufacturer coupons. Instead they told me to pick which ones I wanted to use. I was extremely mad. I have a friend who just did this deal! Just last week I used a store and manufacture coupon! What on earth is the deal? I already shot off an email to corporate about their inconsistent policies. I still did okay...

Febreeze Apple Spice Coupon - $7.99
Febreeze Air Effects - $3.29
Iams Healthy Naturals Dog Food - $10.29
Duncan Hines Brownie Mix - $2.49
Tide Detergent - $4.99
Cascade Rinse Aid - $3.49
Downy Fabric Softener - $3.49

Subtotal: $36.03

- $5.00 off $35.00 Publix Coupon
- $7.99 Febreeze Candle Coupon (FREE!)
- $3.29 Febreeze Air Effects Coupon (FREE!)
- $3.49 Cascade Rinse Aid Coupon (FREE!)
- $0.70 Tide Coupon ($0.35 doubled)
- $2.00 Tide PUBLIX Coupon
- $3.00 Iams Healthy Naturals Coupon
- $2.00 Downy PUBLIX Coupon
- $2.49 Duncan Hines Coupon (FREE!)

New Subtotal: $6.07

Not bad at all, but like I said it would have been cheaper had they let me use my other coupons. What I find amusing, and what I just noticed while typing this up, the girl DID scan both Tide coupons - manufacturer and store - and they DID both process. Yet she handed me back my Tide manufacturer coupon telling me it wouldn't work and the register wouldn't allow it. What a bunch of idiots tonight. Meh.

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