Monday, December 15, 2008

A few small deals today. First stop, CVS...

$9.99 - Nova Max Monitor
$9.99 - Earinse 1 oz.
$5.79 - Maybelline Lip Gloss
$5.79 - Maybelline Lip Gloss

Subtotal: $31.56

- $3.00 CVS Coupon ( $3/$15)
- $5.79 CVS Maybelline B1G1F
- $4.00 Maybelline Coupon
- $4.00 Maybelline Coupon

New Subtotal: $14.77

Used: $8.99 ECB & $5.00 ECB

Paid OOP: $0.78 (no tax??)

Received: $9.99 ECB (monitor) & $9.99 (earinse)

The store manager checked me out, she is so nice. She put both Maybelline coupons through just fine, and I received the overage! Not sure why there was no tax. Tax isn't listed at all on my receipt.

I received an email coupon from Bath & Body Works today, so I ran by...

$3.50 - Brown Sugar & Fig Shower Gel (travel size)
$1.50 - Cucumber Melon Hand Gel

Subtotal: $5.00

- $3.50 B&BW Coupon (free travel size w/any purchase)

New Subtotal: $1.50

Paid $1.61 after tax and did this transaction twice. :) I was happy to find Brown Sugar & Fig, even if it was only the small version. I love that scent.

As we left I saw Petsmart and was reminded I needed some crickets for the chameleons. Did I mention that my female chameleon, Lily, was a model for Home Depot recently? I was contacted through a website the day before the photoshoot. Very last minute, but we did it! And the result? Well we were paid $150.00!! And she'll have a full page spread in their February catalog (I'll post it when I get a copy). It was a fun experience!

Anyhow, buying crickets at Petsmart for $0.11 each reminded me that I need to buy my crickets in bulk online. I paid $13 for 1000 crickets at the Reptile Expo in October and that last over a month! Much better than $5 every other day for 50 crickets! So this is my not-a-deal picture. :)

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