Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday afternoon I ran to Walgreens to see if they had any Robitussin or Crest Mouthwash in stock; nope. Completely wiped out! My husband prefers Listerine anyway and I realized that was an RR deal too...

Listerine Mouthwash - $5.50/ea. x 2

Subtotal: $11.00

Used: $5.00 RR & $4.50 RR

Paid OOP: $1.50 + tax

Received: $6.00 RR

Today I quickly went through the new store ads., I didn't plan on going anywhere. Not much really stuck out. The husband insisted we get out and try to get me in a better mood (had a rough night/morning). We made only a couple of quick stops before calling it a day. I like to be lazy on Sundays; restore my energy for the upcoming work week! First stop was CVS...

Purex Detergent - $2.99/ea. x 4
Excedrin Express Gels 24 Ct. - $3.99

Subtotal: $15.95

- $2.00 CVS Coupon ($2/$10)
- $1.00 Purex Coupon
- $1.00 Purex Coupon

New Subtotal: $11.95

Used: $5.00 ECB & $5.99 ECB

Paid OOP: $0.96 + tax (gift card)

Received: $4.00 ECB (purex), $3.99 ECB (excedrin)

I still have a stack of the Cover Girl B1G1F Lip Product coupons from the P&G inserts. In my Rite Aid sales ad it stated that the entire Cover Girl line is B1G1F. Meaning FREE lip products! We ran by there but the Cover Girl items were not tagged as on sale and none of the store fliers had the sale listed either. I thought I was losing my mind, so I ran home and sure enough, my ad clearly shows an entire page that's MISSING from every flier in store! I ran back to Rite Aid and picked up the following...

L'Oreal Revitalift Cream - $5.99
Cover Girl Outlast Double Lipshine - $10.99/ea. x 4

Subtotal: $49.95

- $10.99 Rite Aid CG B1G1F Sale
- $10.99 Rite Aid CG B1G1F Sale
- $10.99 Cover Girl B1G1F Coupon
- $10.99 Cover Girl B1G1F Coupon

New Subtotal: $5.99

Paid OOP: $5.99 + tax

Will Received: $5.99 Revitalift Rebate (SCR)

Now it didn't go through that easily. The Cover Girl items did NOT ring up B1G1F, so the cashier (my favorite!) called the manager up. I love the managers at this store, they are very friendly. The manager hadn't even heard of the Cover Girl sale! He asked to make a copy of my flier, but their machine was down. I let him keep the copy since I had another at home. No one in the store new about the sale at all! He re-rung the order and manually deducted the Rite Aid B1G1F sale and then I handed my coupons. He seemed confused and said "huh, I'll have to look into this" - but he was not rude at all and he rang them through just fine. I think he was honestly not familiar with the coupons policies and that's fine, I think he's relatively new anyway. I left there happy. :) I still have about 10 coupons, but I'm hoping they'll fix their system this week.

Also, for those that do Rite Aid's single check rebate program, double check your August rebates and make sure they all processed. Stupid me requested my check and today I realized that 4 items are marked as "not qualified" or "nothing found on receipt" which is not true. I'll just return the items, but always double check!

Last stop was Petsmart. I received FREE product coupons in the mail and Petsmart was the only place that seemed to carry this brand.

Nutro Natural Choice Cat Food 4lb Bag - $10.99
Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food 5lb Bag - $10.99

Subtotal: $21.98

- $10.99 Nutro FREE Product Coupon
- $10.99 Nutro FREE Product Coupon

New Subtotal: $0.00

Paid OOP: just tax!

The cashier was a bit snotty with me. So where did you get THESE coupons? By her tone it was almost as if she thought they were fake?! It would cost me more than the pet food to make those professionally made coupons, lol. Anyway, that's it for Sunday.

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