Monday, September 1, 2008

While reading some forums tonight I found that the One Touch Ultra Mini was on sale at CVS for $19.99 and producing $5.00 in ECBs. Limit 2! I had 2 coupons for $20.00 off those meters, but they expired today! I rushed out to CVS at 9:45pm and made it just in time, they close at 10pm. There are also several other great deals this week!

One Touch Ultra Mini - $19.99
Suave Body Wash - $2.00/ea. x 2
Covergirl Wetstick Amazement Lipcolor - $5.99/ea. x 2

Subtotal: $37.97

- $2.00 CVS Coupon ($2/$10)
- $19.99 One Touch Coupon
- $2.00 Suave Coupon
- $2.00 Suave B1G1F Coupon
- $5.99 Covergirl B1G1f Lipcolor Coupon

New Subtotal: $5.99

Used: $5.00 ECB

Paid OOP: $0.99 + tax

Received: $5.00 ECB & $2.00 ECB & $5.99 ECB

The ECB deals were: $5.00 for the meter. Suave deal is buy $6.00 worth and get $2.00 ECB. Covergirl Wetsticks Amazement lipcolor is $5.99 get $5.99 ECB, so FREE. Remember to get the Amazement kind with the blue cap!

Since this store only had one meter I decided to run to the 24 hour CVS in the next town. The husband also noticed that one of the Covergirl lipcolors I bought was opened, eww! So I exchanged that as soon as I got to the other store. Check those seals!

One Touch Ulta Mini - $19.99
Suave Body Wash - $2.00/ea. x 2
Kiss Nail Glue - $1.98/ea. x 2
Covergirl Outlast Lip Color - $9.99/ea. x 2

Subtotal: $47.93

- $2.00 CVS Coupon ($2/$10)
- $9.99 CVS Covergirl Lip B1G1F Sale
- $2.00 Suave B1G1F Coupon
- $19.99 One Touch Coupon
- $5.99 Covergirl B1G1F Coupon

New Subtotal: $7.96

Used: $5.00 ECB & $2.00 ECB

Paid OOP: $0.98 + Tax

Received: $5.00 ECB & $5.00 ECB

The Kiss nails are on sale, buy any 2 and get $5.00 ECB. The ad state that it excludes the glue, but it worked for me! Money maker. :)

Also, do you notice the error that cost me $4.00? The girl only took off $5.99 for the Covergirl B1G1F coupon?!?!! Even though it was $9.99!! :( I'm not sure what to do about that. That's $4.00 in ECBs I could have saved. How would they refund this to me? They already took my coupon? Hmm. I'll probably wait and call customer service in two days.

Anyhow, last stop was Walmart, to browse. I went by the baby section and they have a lot on sale/clearance now. Most of the items are not ringing up at the prices they are marked. Items that are $4-$5 are ringing up for $1.00! I picked up a few random outfits, various sizes. Baby showers coming up...(cousin-in-law is already taken care of, so this doesn't give anything away, lol).

Cute. :)

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