Monday, June 2, 2008

A quick stop by CVS after work this evening...

Arm & Hammer Detergent - $5.99/ea. x 2
Febreeze Spray - $2.50/ea. x 4

Subtotal: $21.98

- $3.00 CVS Coupon ($3 off $15)
- $5.99 CVS B1G1F A&H Detergent
- $1.00 A&H Detergent Coupon
- $1.00 A&H Detergent Coupon

New Subtotal: $10.99

Used: $4.99 & $5.58 ECBs

Paid: $0.42 out of pocket.

Earned: $5.00 ECBs

I just realized that the girl adjusted my $6.00 ECB to $5.58 without asking me. I don't like that. I would have used a smaller ECB had I noticed. I handed the $6.00 one to her first too. Hmph!

Anyhow, spent more ECBs than earned, but I'm needing to stock up on laundry detergent anyway (I'm low). You can get the $1.00 off Arm & Hammer Detergent coupons right here. Select skip > special offers > fill out > print coupons. There are coupons available for other products as well. You can print two copies by clicking the back button after it says thank you.

Also you can get a $1.00 off Downy coupon mailed to you by going here. I like Downy, but it's generally too expensive. So match that $1.00 off with some store sales and you can get it pretty cheap!

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