Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No recent deals, just a few mail bag updates. I received several rebate checks this week.

$5.50 - Pepcid AC Chewables
$3.49 - Glade Car Freshener
$7.99 - Mens Hair Dye
$4.99 - Disposable Razors

All of these, purchased with CVS or Rite Aid deals, are a profit!

I contacted P&G a few weeks ago regarding my rejection letter for the Febreeze Noticeables rebate. I received an envelope in the mail that included FREE product coupons for Febreeze Air Effects & a Febreeze Candle. Plus coupons for $4.00 off Venus razors/cartridges. As nice as that is, I think they owe me the refund check. I followed all the rules and have copies of everything. But free is free!

From what I've read on the forums, practically everyone has been rejected on the Febreeze Noticeables rebate! Seems sleazy to me.

We're planning a yard sale within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully that will bring in some extra cash to go towards hospital bills and a mini vacation we're planning with some friends! We received a letter on the 16th about our stimulus check, we should receive the full $1200.00 by the 20th. Can't wait to get that. :)

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