Sunday, June 8, 2008

I sat down and started going through the CVS weekly flier when I noticed that Dove shampoo/conditioner is buy 1 get 1 free this week. I had $3.00 off 2 coupons for that! But they expired today!

The husband took my car to work today. His car has a flat tire and the donut is very low on air. I went out, looked at the tire, it looked okay enough to make it to CVS. (It's right around the corner.) Sad huh? I was able to get there and back okay though.

Dove Shampoo/Conditioner - $4.99 x 10

Subtotal: $49.90

- $3.00 CVS Coupon ($3 off $15)
- $24.95 CVS B1G1F Deal
- $3.00 Dove Coupon
- $3.00 Dove Coupon
- $3.00 Dove Coupon
- $3.00 Dove Coupon
- $3.00 Dove Coupon

New Subtotal: $6.95

Paid: $6.95 cash.

I opted to just pay instead of using my ECBs at this point. I have other ECB deals lined up, but I just had to get this today before my coupons expired.

My total higher than I had estimated and I didn't realize why until I got into the car and checked out my receipt. The items rang up $4.99 each instead of $4.29 each - which is what the signs advertised (as well as the flier).

Technically my out of pocket total should have only been $3.45. Since it's Sunday the store closes at 6pm and there were a ton of people in there. I'll just go back tomorrow for my $3.50 refund. :) Either way, not a bad deal for the only shampoo/condition I really like.

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