Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tax Time!

We filed our taxes mid-January. Since we itemize, the actual paperwork wasn't submitted until February 14th. After waiting for what seemed like forever, we finally received our federal tax return. Thanks to having a child in 2010, it was the biggest return we've ever received. But we're not getting to enjoy any of it. Our state refund won't be in for several more weeks (our state is a mess), but that's already spent paying off the remainder of the childrens hospital bills.

Once again Kaiser screwed us over with the hospital visit my son had for his GI tract/scan. They paid less than 10% of the bill, so we're stuck with the balance. I thought it was just one bill, then more kept coming and coming. There are separate bills for radiology, diagnostics, lab work, etc. I think we have six separate bills. And it's taking a nice chunk of our return. I was also able to pay off two credit cards. The rest of the return is being used to replenish our savings account that took a severe hit when our son was born. Damn you crappy insurance companies!!!

I'm happy to report that we're with a new insurance company this year. Although it hasn't been any less painful than Kaiser, considering the rates have skyrocketed. Our copays have more than doubled, ER visits tripled, my ob/gyn is considered a "specialist" (wtf) and I'm only allowed to get my prescriptions via the mail, not a local pharmacy - again, wtf? Sucks, but whatever. Oh and the actual premiums suck. My husbands paychecks are taking a HUGE hit now. A gigantic, painful, stressful chunk of money is taken away every month. This has thrown our budget completely off and I need to figure out how to rework it.

But, other than that, things are good. We've spoken with a lawyer regarding our housing situation (unsafe area, owe 3 times it's worth, can't even rent to cover mortgage payment) and received surprising advice. Now we just need to sit down, talk it over and make a decision. The problem is we rarely have time to sit down and talk these days! Baby keeps us busy.

I'm hoping 2011 brings about some positive changes. It would be nice for things to go smoothly for once! In the meantime I'm going to change this place up, because I can't think of another domain name that hasn't been taken, ugh. Finance + recaps perhaps. :)

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