Monday, February 22, 2010

I have another update to do for the Walgreens Huggies deal, but I'm swamped this week. And not only did my laptop die on me, but so did my desktop!! I just bought a new desktop and have been working on getting that set-up.

I'm also working on a financial goal of cutting $100/month from our monthly expenses. So far I've cut out $65.94! Here's what we've cut out so far...

TV/Internet: Changed packages. $133 down to $112
Cellphone: Cancel data plan. $130 down to $100
Xbox Live: Cancel monthly, buy 12 month of Amazon (save $55.92/yr) $7.99 down to $0/mo
TiVo: Cancel monthly subscription. $6.95 down to $0

We sold our Tivos already and completely forgot to cancel the service! Oops. Now I just need to get auto insurance quotes and hopefully that will wipe out the remaining $34.06 or more. I'm hoping to get the cellphone bill even lower, but for now the husband uses his data plan too much to cancel. We're also working on setting up a tighter monthly budget for ourselves.

Plus we're doing our best to bulk up the "baby account" which is basically just savings. I've been busy listing things on craigslist and cheapcycle (with decent results). Wednesday we find out the sex of the baby! And Friday is a huge baby/kid consignment sale that I've put some money aside for.

That's an update for now! I'm trying to keep up with everything. :)

Ooh and mail bag! Two FREE coupons for Oreos and one FREE bottle of Excedrin coupon were received recently. :)

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