Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I have a months worth of deals to catch up on. I've been very busy with home improvement projects and craigslist sales, that I haven't had much time for coupons! I'll start with the newest deals first, so there's still time to do them this week if you choose too.

My husband had to get two new prescriptions filled and I had the $25 gift card coupons for Rite Aid and the limit was 2, so we were expecting $50 in gift cards. Unfortunately this didn't go as planned; they only apply to transferred prescriptions, not new ones. I'm not sure what the difference is, we were NEW to using the Rite Aid pharmacy, but I guess that didn't matter. Hmph. Next month we'll just transfer it to CVS and get a gift card there. Anyway, here's what I did get accomplished there...

$1.99 - Wet Ones Wipes
$8.97 - Johnson's Baby Shampoo x 3
$5.98 - Johnson's Baby Powder x 2 (bonus packs!)
$5.98 - Johnson's Baby Wash x 2
$5.98 - Johnson's Baby Bubble Bath x 2
$2.99 - Johnson's Foaming Wash
$25.98 - Covergirl Trublend Microminerals x 2

Subtotal: $57.87

- $5.00 Rite Aid Coupon ($5/$25)
- $12.99 Rite Aid B1G1F Cover Girl Sale
- $12.99 Covergirl B1G1F Coupon (PG 8/30)
- $1.00 Wet Ones Coupon (IP)
- $10.00 J&J Coupons (IPs & RP 9/13)

New Subtotal: $15.89

Used: $6.00 Rite Aid SCR Check

Paid OOP: $9.89 (cash)

Will receive: $1.00 SCR (wet ones), $15.00 SCR (buying 10 J&J products), $10.00 (fall savings)

I could have used two $5/$25 coupons, I just noticed that, damn! This also gives me $57.87 towards the Rite Aid Fall Gift of Savings Program. Between September 13th and October 17th - save ALL your Rite Aid receipts. Spend over $100, get $20. Spend $51-$100 get $10. Spend $25-$50, get $5. I thought I had more Covergirl B1G1F coupons, because that would have put me over $100 easily and for no oop!

I had a few ECBs expiring the 16th, so we ran to CVS last night. Not very much going on at CVS this week. :(

$1.34 - Diet Coke 2 Liter
$2.99 - Colgate Toothpaste
$4.99 - Dyna Pep Energy Shots
$0.99 - Gummy Worms

Subtotal: $10.31

- $1.00 Colgate Coupon (SS 9/13)

New Subtotal: $9.31

Used: $1.98 ECB & $6.99 ECB

Paid OOP: $0.34 + tax (cash)

Received: $2.00 ECB (colgate) & $4.99 ECB (dyna pep)

The rest of these deals happened throughout the month of August and early September. I'll just do a quick rundown...starting with CVS. My friend informed me that CVS had their kitty litter on clearance for $0.69! Couldn't pass that up. 14lb containers too.

$6.90 - Pet Central Kitty Litter x 10

Paid OOP: $6.90 + tax (cash)

Not bad for TEN 14lb containers of litter. usually just one costs more than $6.90. I have since sold 6 of these containers for $3.00 a piece, which is a profit of $11.10.

$6.99 - Glade Candle

Used: $6.99 ECB

Paid OOP: tax only

Received: $6.99 ECB (glade)

(Did the above transaction to roll an expiring ecb!)

$1.98 - Papermate Ball Point Pens x 2
$6.99 - Philips MP3 Ear Buds

Subtotal: $8.97

I don't have my receipt for this transaction, so I'm not sure what coupons I may have used, but I did roll some ECBs. And got back $1.98 ECB (pens) and $6.99 ECB (ear buds).

Next up is Walgreens. They had a fantastic deal going on with Huggies wipes.

Some of these were $2.79 each and some were $2.99 each. There were $0.50 Huggies wipes manu coupons + $2.00 Huggies wipes Wags coupons. Making each tub of wipes either $0.29 or $0.49 each. During this sale there was also a $5 off $25 coupon available and a buy $25 worth of items, get $10 register rewards. So as you can see, this was a nice profit. I was able to get 46 tubs of wipes. I only have 9 left - the rest were sold for $2.00 each. :)

Here's a Rite Aid deal I was excited about, since the intuition razors are my favorites. I regret not getting a raincheck for more.

$29.97 - Intuition Razors x 3
$11.99 - Intuition Refills
$3.00 - Bin Pencil Packs x 2

subtotal: $44.96

- $5.00 Rite Aid Coupon ($5/$25)
- $9.99 Rite Aid B1G1F Intuition Sale
- $9.99 Rite Aid B1G1F Intuition Sale
- $4.00 Intuition Coupon
- $4.00 Intuition Coupon
- $4.00 Intuition Coupon
- $4.00 Intuition Coupon
- $1.00 Bic Coupon

New Subtotal: $2.98

Paid OOP: $2.98 + tax (cash)

Will Receive: $2.00 SCR (bic)

And the last deal is from Target. I hate using coupons at our local Target store. They are NOT coupon friendly - ever. But I decided to give it a shot at a different Target store and it went smoothly.

$0.99 - Gerber Baby Bottle 9oz
$0.99 - Gerber Baby Bottle 5oz
$7.98 - Chef Michaels Dog Food x 2
$0.74 - Clip Board
$0.24 - Calculator

Subtotal: $10.94

- $1.50 Target Chef Michaels Coupon (IP)
- $1.50 Target Chef Michaels Coupon (IP)
- $1.00 Target Gerber Coupon (IP)
- $1.00 Target Gerber Coupon (IP)
- $3.00 Chef Michaels Coupon
- $3.00 Chef Michaels Coupon

New Subtotal: -$0.06

Paid OOP: tax only (cash) (YAY!)

That's it for all my shopping deals. As I mentioned at the beginning of the entry, we've been very busy with home improvement projects. We sold off all our old living room furniture on craigslist, also sold our front door (we paid $5 for it, we sold it for $175!). We repaired walls and painted. And purchased new furniture. Here is our living room before, although we had already sold our sofa & loveseat when this was taken...

And after!

How grown up, right? Since we plan to put it on the market within the next year, we went with a neutral color. I absolutely love it. Simple and clean. And it has felt great selling off a bunch of junk on craigslist. In less than two months, we've made $2,385.00 just from craigslist sales.

Oh and we also sold off our old washer and dryer for $350. And we scored these frontloaders WITH pedestals for 70% off - they are brand new. It was only about $400 out of pocket. Not bad for a $2600 set!

Of course I forgot that these machines require HE detergent. I sold off my regular detergents and was able to purchase the HE detergents at no loss. The machines use a lot less water (& detergent) and fit a lot more clothes inside. And they are SO QUIET!! The first spin cycle was scary. One of the legs on the washer was not leveled, so it sounded like the machine was getting ready to blast off into space. Thankfully that was an easy fix and we've not encountered any problems since.

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