Thursday, April 10, 2008

Todays bargains at CVS. I spent more OOP than I planned. We had to go to a few different stores, because our CVS was out of a lot, so my arrangement of purchases ended up out of wack. Not bad though. Plus the husband kept adding things to the cart that I didn't have coupons for.

CVS Extra Strength Pain Relief Gelcaps - 2 Boxes
Excedrin Migraine - 5 Boxes
Softsoap Pomegranate & Mango - 1 Bottle
Pepcid AC Complete - 1 Bottle

Total OOP - $3.77
Earned ECBs - $15.98

(Did not receive the $4.99 ECB for the Softsoap, oops. Didn't get the one that specified SPA.)

Dove Shampoo - 2 Bottles
Sunsilk Shampoo - 1 Bottle
Sunsilk Conditioner - 1 Bottle
Listerine - 1 Bottle
Axe Deodorant - 1 Bottle
Dove Deodorant - 1 Bottle
CVS Brand Trash Backs - 1 Box

Total OOP - $2.26
Earned ECBs - $5.00

Aveeno Shave Gel - 5 Cans
Aveeno Body Wash - 1 Bottle

Total OOP - $3.04
Earned ECBs - $10.00

Febreeze Air Effects - 1 Can
Febreeze Fabric Refreshener - 1 Bottle
Febreeze Noticeables - 1 Package
CVS Extra Strength Pain Relief Gelcaps - 3 Boxes

Total OOP = $2.44
Earned ECBs = $16.97

Half of my razor collection. I don't think I'll need to worry about razors for a long, long time!

I have a long list of other items I need to get soon. Hopefully I can make a few trips before/after work this week. Sadly I only have $5.00 ecb leftover, simply because I had to pay for the Axe deodorant, listerine and trash bags unexpectedly.

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